the rich coast in fotos

don't tell my prof... I'm sitting in my MGMT class. it's so boring that I have resorted to updating the blog. that and I'm totally experiencing senoritis like I never have before. that and pinterest is updating their website so I can't pin anything. that and no one is on g-chat. ya. it's that bad.

anyways... here is the long overdue post of that one time we went to Costa Rica. (remember that one time when we went on an awesome vaca with the Blessings in March?) **please avoid looking at your calendars at this point in order to prove me "long overdue" by noting that the month of April is almost over** thanks.

 check out the hubs. he was excited to finally be in Costa Rica after a long day of travel. 

Chester provided endless entertainment. (don't tell him that's the only reason we brought him.)
One of the pools, complete with a swim up bar. We spent probably 70% of our time by the water... with a book and cold drink in hand. Now that's what I call a vaca!

fun mountain view from the resort. 

We went to the top of our resort one night to watch the sunset. 

View from one of the restaurants at the resort. 

One day we traveled to the National Park and hiked. This was on of my favorite days. Costa Rica is so beautiful and I loved being able to just explore and experience the forest. Jen officially gets the "Most Active Pregnant Lady" award. She was a rockstar! The hike took about 2.5 hours, one way!

Jen and I on a hanging bridge over water. So fun! 

We found one patch of monkeys. It was crazy to see them playing with each other and living in their natural habitat. 

They also had crazy big trees!

The final destination of our hike. An awesome waterfall! 

It was gorgeous! 

...and such a treat to swim in after the long, hot hike!

Will and Chester were brave and ventured behind the waterfall!

Will jumping. 

and chester. 

Things not pictured because we were having too fun (and mostly because I'm really bad about taking pictures)
  • Jen and I got massages on the beach
  • Will and I did a zip-lining excursion through the jungle and over this crazy gorge-thingy
Judith zip three
  • We went to another local beach for the day and hung out with all the locals. We even saw a pirate ship!
  • We ate lots of yummy coconut ice cream! (couldn't get enough)
  • We slept a lot...
  • I won the award of "Reading Robot!" Literally- I read all the time! I went through 4 books! 
    • Nurture
    • One Thousand Gifts
    • Hiding Place
    • Tramp for the Lord
  • We enjoyed our time without internet! 
  • We perfected our ghosting skills
I'm sure I'm missing something, but you can take my word for it- we had a great time! Definitely a successful vacation/baby-moon.  Love ya Blessings! 

...oop. perfect timing! gotta go. class is over! :)

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